Sports Premium

At All Saints' CE Federation we work hard to provide high quality physical education (PE) lessons and extra-curricular activities.


We deliver a wide range of PE to our pupils, with the aim to engage and inspire all of them. Our children participate in dance, gymnastics, swimming, athletics and team games all of which develop the important skills required for further sporting achievement.

Lessons are taught by our school teaching staff.






In April 2013 the Government announced new funding of £150 million pounds for PE and sport for schools.


'Through the use of a new PE scheme of work, teachers are able to access wider and more detailed look at delivering sports across the school. It has provided more information and simpler instructions to break skills down, in order to allow teachers to deliver a better quality lesson. In turn, this enables more children to access the lesson, understanding the basics, and developing their skills, even if they haven't tried them before. It then allows progress to application of the skill, within games, to show the development that the skills have, bringing out the full potential of each and every child.'  statement by Mr Ellis

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 Sports Premium Funding and Expenditure





 IMPACT - All children have access to the NEW sports equipment which has been purchased.  They access it during playtime, lunchtime and during PE lessons.

Children also go to various sports clubs which utilise all the sports equipment. 




School Sports Partnership (SSP) - children have entered rugby, football, orienteering, athletics and swimming tournaments, through the SSP.

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What has All Saints’ CE Federation chosen to spend the money on?

Quick overview

1 – Purchased play and sports equipment for both KS1 and KS2

2 – Acquired appropriate schemes of work and resources for both KS1 and KS2

3 – School Sports Partnership – who offer support, training and events

4 - Specialist PE teachers & qualified coaches


What will All Saints’ CE Federation spend the money on for this year?

1 – A new PE kit for all children

2 – Playground Pals hats and tabards for Playground Leaders

3 – Football area for KS2

4 – Improved play/sports area for KS1

5 - A proportion of the budget will be spent on employing specialist PE teachers to work alongside teaching and support staff during lessons. The aim is to help increase their subject knowledge and confidence in delivering PE lessons.

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Other useful information


Inspectors will be assessing and reporting on how effectively the sport funding is being used to improve PE and sport provision within our school.

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 YEAR 6 Swimming

As of 19th June 2018 a survey has been distributed to parents of our current year 6 asking for the following information:

The responses........




Swimming YES
Survey conducted June 2018
My child can competently, confidently and proficiently, swim a distance of at least 25 meters 83%
My child can use a range of strokes effectively 78%
My child can perform safe self- rescue in different water based situations 50%