Mrs L Nicholson will be joining our team from September 2018, her role will be supporting parents, part of this is with attendance.

Regular attendance and punctuality are essential if children are to succeed in their education and reach their full potential.

Failure to attend school results in missed opportunities, disrupts a child's education and impacts on his / her long-term attainment and

life-chances. As a result of this All Saints’ CE Federation works closely with parents on all matters relating to attendance.



We expect that in return parents ensure that their child attends school regularly and punctually and that holidays in term time are avoided.   It is also important that your child is punctual; consistent lateness is detrimental to their progress and disrupts the start of the day for the class.


Reporting your child's absence

If your child is ill, then the school office should be notified before 9:30. In order to safeguard our children the school will always contact the parents of a child if we have not received a notification of absence.